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What Makes a Good Article?

[ 0 ] January 3, 2009 |

We are all aware the raw power and efficacy of article marketing.  I’d even say that marketing with articles is the most potent and most affordable online marketing tactic that has been conceptualized since the dawn of the digital world.

To put it simply, if you own an internet business, you have to use article marketing.

Nevertheless, one of the most common questions I receive is this: how does one craft a good article?

It seems that even if most online businessmen realize that they have to use article marketing, not everyone is skilled enough to write an internet-ready piece of informative work.

Hence, I have listed some easy to follow steps on how you can create the best kind of good article for internet marketing purposes.

  1. Know the topic you want to discuss with your article.
  2. Don’t attempt to write about a broad subject.  Narrow it down to something that people will be interested in.  For example, don’t tackle the general topic of “dogs.”  Find a sub-topic that will capture the interest of the people you will be targeting.  Usually, this sub-topic points to a particular demand, like “dog training” for people who are having problems with their unruly pets, or “dog grooming” for allergic owners who can’t survive the smell of their dirty canine pups.  You need to find a sub-topic that will click.  This is very important.  A lot of articles fail because they don’t discuss a more tangible topic.
  3. Because the sub-topic should indicate a need, your article should provide an answer.  But, depending on the purpose of the article, the answer you will share will vary.  To illustrate, if the article is going to be used to pre-sell a product, then hold back on the solution you will provide.  Your goal, in such a case, is to give the impression that you know what you’re talking about, and invite your readers to consider what you will be offering.  Keep this in mind throughout the writing process.
  4. Formulate a catchy grabbing title that is simple but exciting.  Internet users will click on your article if they will be hooked by its title.  Otherwise, no one will get to read what you have written.
  5. Do not forget that every article has three essential components: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.  The introduction will state to your audience what your work is all about.  You can deliver a surprising fact, an alarming statistic, or a funny anecdote to shake your audience into knowing that indeed, you are the real deal.  The body will explore the message you desire to convey, naturally.  And the ending will review the problem, the provided solution, as well as deliver some calls to action (i.e. click my link) if needed.
  6. What is the right length for articles of this nature? I’d say that 300 to 750 words would be most excellent!

These are just some easy tips for article writing.  It is not hard to write a good article all it takes is a little preparation and some thought.  With practice you will find it gets a lot easier.  For further advice on writing a good article and other ways you can increase your website traffic go to Marketeermum.

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