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What is the Best Website Hosting Company?

[ 0 ] April 21, 2008 |

If you’re just getting into making money online you are going to need a website host unless you decide to only buy domain names and have them re-direct to affiliate programs. You can read more about re-directing domain names to affiliate programs here.

A website host is where you will upload your website with your FTP program. I know, it all sounds a little confusing if you are a newbie. In a second, I will go through the necessary steps to get your website online. For now though, let’s talk about website hosting services.

Because I personally don’t have just one website, I need a web host that allows me to host unlimited domain names and plenty of server space so that I can upload larger websites (some with videos) and not run into extra monthly charges. I also need a web host that allows me to utilize a database if need be. This blog has a database so having this capability would be necessary if you want your own blog like this one. There are other programs out there that allow you to create niche type sites that have a database of articles sitting on the server like this one which is great for building niche websites with Google adsense ads on them. Check out Site Builder Elite.

A great program that makes me a fair amount of money each month is called Build a Niche Store. This program definitely needs a database. Now, don’t let the word database scare you. They really are more simple to implement that you think. Also, any program you buy that needs a database to operate, would have easy-to-follow instructions to set it up.

To re-cap:

1. You need to be able to host unlimited domain names.

2. You need tons of server space.

3. You need to be able to set up a MySQL database.

4. You need all this to be cheap.

Now you know what you need in a web host which one do you go with:

I have 3 web hosts that I have sites with. Why 3? Well, I have some different businesses that I am managing and they were already set up on some other hosts. They really don’t require huge space although these other hosts do have the space and are priced fairly.

The host I use for all my online money making ventures is Host Gator.

So why Host Gator? There are actually a few reasons. I host unlimited domains with them. I have unlimited bandwidth (good for running videos, 1000 Gigs of disk space (which I’ll never use) and it’s only $14.95 / month. Now, when you are just starting out you may not need all this space. If this is the case then you can get their $7.95 / month plan which would more than do the job. Try to stay away from the $4.95 month plan. It only allows you to host 1 domain. If you are getting into online money making I guarantee you will have many domains once you get the hang of it. For the sake of $3.00 / month your best bet would be the next plan up. Then, if you really get into it, go with the plan I’m on.

Another thing I really like about Host Gator is that it has the standard CPanel when you log in. This is huge when you go to get a web host. Some hosts feel they have to come up with their own unique back office where you make changes to your settings. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be confusing. Because Host Gator has the standard CPanel there never a worry about setting things up the right way. I realize you may not know what a CPanel is right now, but once you sign up for a hosting plan and get your log in info, this is the first page you will see.

So how did I hear about Host Gator? Really, it was from just being involved in online money making. Once you are in this circle you hear about the services everyone is using. Host Gator seemed to be very popular because they offer the services that online marketers need. Anyway, if you are in need of a web host go check them out.

Okay so now you know the web host to go with here are the steps you will have to follow to get up and running:

1. Sign up with a web host.

2. Buy or Download (for Free) a website editing software program.

3. Plan out what you are going to be doing example: niche article site, squeeze page to build a list, your own blog or website etc.

4. Buy a domain name. If you don’t know which one is best read my article about domain names here.

5. Go to your welcome email from Host Gator (if you signed up with them) and write down their DNS (NameServer) info. There will be 2 of them in your e-mail.

6. Log in to your domain name registrar like GoDaddy etc.

7. Navigate to your domain name in your account and click on it.

8. Then change the NameServer (DNS) settings to the ones you wrote down from your hosting account.

9. Confirm the change you just made.

10. Close out of your domain registrar account.

11. Work on your project.

12. Once completed, upload it to your new web host through an FTP program. Personally, I use Filezilla which you can download for FREE here.

In the future I will be going through all of the steps involved in the various money making program you can get involved in. Unfortunately, it takes time to write all this stuff. I’m trying to go as quickly as I can but it will take a while. Please make sure you check back regularly.

All the best …

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