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Video Marketing Tips

[ 0 ] November 30, 2010 |

Video marketing is without a doubt the best technique you can employed for promoting your product or service to the world.  Let me share with you a few video marketing tips I used to make video creation a little easier.

Be sure to plan ahead and create a short script and decide on an appropriate place to shoot your video.  Your video content should be created for your target audience. The content should be useful and informative so your audience is presented with a usable tool they can use. You should focus on your video marketing campaign and the audience you’re trying to reach not solely on the amounts of income that can be drawn from it.

By using these video marketing tips I want you to see that creating the perfect video is not as difficult and scary as you may first think.  In fact, it has become far less complicated than writing an article or a blog post nowadays.

Attention spans of most web users are very short.  People browsing on the Internet will put in a limited amount of effort to try and decipher the service or product that is being proposed, sold or communicated. A visual method delivers the message far more engagingly and effectively than say a blog post.

Video creation methods are extremely useful for getting your desired message across in short and effective time-frame without having to go though reading lengthy marketing pitches and details.

If you’re having a hard time getting started you can always go to YouTube and search for an existing video that’s on the same topic you’d like to convey.  Analyze the video and decipher how it’s being used to get the message across.  Devise ideas of the content of the video and incorporate them into your own.

After you’ve come to a decision on the general topic of your video and written a few points begin the actual filming process.  You’ll need an introduction that immediately captures the attention of your viewers.  Once you’ve got their attention they’ll be eager to watch the rest of your video.

Be sure not to be elusive or indirect about your topic this will only convey a feeling of mistrust.  State whether this is a solution to a problem or the sale of a product or service.  For instance, if you were doing a video on teaching video marketing tips you could outline the course for your audience to follow. Believe it or not all this can be done in PowerPoint included in Microsoft office.  Be sure to detail each point clearly and make use of examples.

If you’re discussion is trying to convey life changing items then share transformation stories and testimonials.  You can also present pictures that highlight the transformations from your stories.  For example, if you were marketing a service or product for weight loss display images that reflect the before and after image of the users of the product.

The final video marketing tip I’ll share with you today is the action element.  This is the part in the video where you tell how you want the viewer to take action.  If you want the viewer to go to your website or you would just like to get their e-mail address and request it formally at the end of your video.

By abiding to these basic video marketing tips your video is sure to be a success.

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