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What to do With Your List of Keywords

[ 0 ] May 4, 2008 |

Okay, you’ve got your big money making idea that your going to be working on. Maybe it’s a new web page with a product, maybe it’s a blog post, a niche site based on high paying adsense keywords etc. Whatever it is, you started off by making a huge list of keywords with Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool or Keyword Elite so you can incorporate some of these words into your text. So what do you do with your list of keywords now?

Well, in looking at your keyword list you’ll notice that it’s not perfect. You got some obscene words in your list, you’ve got some misspellings that don’t make sense, you’ve got words that aren’t related to what you want to write about, you’ve got some symbols in the text etc.. So now you’re going to have to go through your whole list and delete the keywords and symbols you don’t want to use. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time that you really don’t have. So how can you go through this list and take out the words that you don’t want to use quickly and easily?

I came a across a keyword tool that is incredible. It’s called Keyword Manipulator. It really has saved me tons of time when trying to narrow down my keyword list and the best part is it’s only $19.99. For that price, it really is worth the money.

Keyword Manipulator

So What Does This Keyword Tool Do?

Okay, you’ve built your list list of long tail keywords related to your topic. All you do is pull up Keyword Manipulator and copy your list in the column on the left.

Keyword Manipulator

Click Here for Video of Keyword Manipulator in Action

Now, you have a bunch of choices. You can:

* Clean Up Your Lists – Remove obscenities

* Find and Replace – Turn “las vegas attorney” into “las vegas lawyer”

* Remove Illegal Characters – Remove ,?,?,?,?,?,?,?, ,@,$,#,!,%,^,&,*,(,),_,+,},{,[,]

* Change the case – Make everything lower case, UPPER CASE , Title Case , Sentence case

* Sort Your List – Sort your list alphabetically, reverse alphabetically and even randomly (my favourite)

* Adwords Ready – Add “quotes” , add [brackets] or add both. This is great for adwords users

* Duplication – Remove duplicate words from each line

* Expand your list – Add lists of states, citys and anything else to your keywords.

* Fully Expandable – Make your own lists and add to the included lists of cities and states.

* RSS2Blog help – Add #BREAK# and #TITLE# to your lists, this function is tailor-made for anyone who uses RSS2blog

* Alter Phrase length – Trim down each line to less than X words

* Remove Spaces – Remove Spaces from the beginning and end of each line.

* Clean Spaces – Remove Multiple Spaces from inside each line.

If you want to save a bunch of time when you’re narrowing down your keyword list, I highly recommend Keyword Manipulator. It really will save you a lot of time and effort and you can’t beat the price!

To learn more about Keyword Manipulator and see it in action please visit this link.

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