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Hubpages: Making Money At Home

[ 0 ] January 23, 2009 |

Hubpages is very useful for the intelligent internet marketer. Lets look at how you can make make money at home with hubpages. Hubpages is newer than Squidoo but is rapidly catching up and could be a better long-term bet for making money.

With hubpages you have a number of money making options. The key to making money on hubpages is writing useful content. If you just add PLR and generic sales pitches you will get nowhere on hubpages. Stay within their terms of service and Hubpages will make you money.

You need to actually add content that’s useful to people. Your best chance of ranking for that content in Google is via Hubpages. The site enjoys great authority with Google – probably because of the quality of content. Hubs aren’t just articles though. The tools at Hubpages makes it easy to add videos and pictures and you should use them. You can also add RSS and news feeds which are useful for keeping your hub continually updating.

Hubpages keep their content quality high through a number of mechanisms. They penalize duplicate content. There is a vibrant community who will actively flag spammers and their hubs.

There are three ways to make money with hubpages. Directly through their revenue sharing programs and via promoting your own sites.

The transparent revenue sharing scheme gives the author 60%, Hubpages 40%. You need to register for Adsense, Amazon and eBay in order to benefit from this.

In addition you can promote your own sites. But make sure you read the Hubpages TOS and stick to them. You can only have 2 out-going links to the same “self-serving” site. You must run Adsense on any hub which has self-serving links.

The third way to make money online with Hubpages is by signing up affiliates. If an author signs up with your affiliate tracker (called a url tracker at hubpages) you will get 10% of their earnings (from share, this doesn’t affect their income).

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