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How To Get More Out Of Clickbank

[ 0 ] November 30, 2010 |

We all know Clickbank is probably THE most popular affiliate network site. It’s easy to use and anyone can get an instant account. There’s no application or approval process and you don’t have to wait to be accepted by any of the vendors. You just sign up, pick a product you’d like to promote and it’s off to market you go.
Clickbank also pays some very good commissions and they’re very easy to work with – except for one small problem, their payment process or their CDR or Customer Distribution Requirement to be more specific.
Clickbank’s CDR states that, before they will issue your first commission check you have to have at least 5 purchases, each made with a different credit card number. That’s CREDIT CARDS – NOT PayPal. You can make thousands of dollars in sales of Clickbank products but if everyone uses their PayPal account to pay, you will never see a penny of your commission.
Worse yet, if those first sales were just luck and you don’t make anymore sales for awhile, Clickbank actually starts charging your account $1 a day!
If you’ve done any kind of sales through Clickbank then I’m sure you’ve seen that most of the buyers used PayPal, and why not? It’s the easiest most secure method of online payment. But Clickbank says their reasoning behind this policy is fraud prevention and there’s no way around it.
This policy alone is the main reason that a lot of affiliate marketers give up on working with Clickbank. I fact, it’s estimated that over 90% of Clickbank affiliates are inactive for that very reason. This means any commissions that are sitting there in those accounts are all gradually reverting to Clickbank.
But Clickbank can also be a very valuable marketing tool for you to have in your toolbox. It would benefit you to have an account with them and learn, by selling their products, how their system works.

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