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[ 0 ] June 8, 2008 |

So you’ve decide to get into the world of online marketing have you? Well, if you want to get serious about this endeavor then you’re going to need some website software. Now, you can get by without it which I’ll go into in a minute, but really, if you are going to do it right then you you need the right software solution.

The first thing you have to do is decide what kind of websites you will be creating or what you need the software for. You can use it for building your normal website, smaller niche sites, squeeze pages and you can use this software for salesletter type pages. Let’s take a look at each of these:

Normal Website

A normal website is going to have a homepage with inner pages that hold the main content of the site. A site like this may have one theme but it may also contain other branches of this main topic to sell other products etc. This type of site can be any length but typically your normal website will be about 20 – 50 pages or more.

Niche Site

A niche site is a smaller site that is very specific. It centers around one product, or topic and does not contain any information that is not related to this theme. It could be as small as a few pages, or upwards of 20 – 30 pages or more if you had enough niche specific content to put on it.

Salesletter Site

A salesletter site is a site which starts off with a long salesletter describing a product and its benefits. As you near the end of this page you are presented a buy button that you would click on to purchase the product. By pressing this button you would then be taken to a check out to buy the product or to a “one time offer” page that would try to upsell you on a related product. A salesletter page could be one page or several if you include a terms of service, contact, about us, privacy policy and thank you page.

Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is simple a 1 page website with a headline a sub headline, some bullet points and an opt in box or buy button to capture someone’s email address or have them go to a saleletter page. Although the main page is really the focus here, if you want to build a proper squeeze page you should also include a privacy policy page as well as a contact us and about us page. You do this to avoid higher Pay Per Click charges if you decide to advertise on Google’s Adwords program.

Other Types of Websites

Now, there are other types of sites out there like adsense monetized sites with hundreds, if not, thousands of pages, there are forums and there are blogs. These types of sites don’t actually require website software to build them. These types of sites are scripts that you install on your hosting server which have a back office that you log in to make your changes. Once you change the colors, upload images, or write some text, etc. are you simply hit “save” or “install” and your changes are automatically made for you. These types of site are usually quite easy to set up once you are familiar with your web host and how to upload files to your server.

What Kind of Website Do You Build?

This is a decision that is based on what you want out of the website and how much work you want to put into building your site. So here are the first questions you should ask yourself:

1. Do you want to make money?

2. Do you want to tell the world your story?

3. Do you want to tell the world about a certain topic?

4. Do you want to create a place where other people can talk about something?

You stumbled upon my blog so I take it you are wanting to make money. So, here are some ideas for some sites you can use to create money making websites.

Personal Websites

How can you make money telling the world about yourself? Easy … you put some ads on the pages you create. These ads can come in the form of banner ads, images, or text ads. If someone clicks on them you make a few cents or a dollar or two depending on what your site is about. If they click on one of your banners and buy a product, you could make a whole lot more in the form of a commission.

You can use some easy website software to create a simple 5 or 10 page website that talks about you and what you are interested in. Now, this type of website isn’t going to make you a ton money unless you make it exciting enough to attract a huge following and you add lots of content on a regular basis. So, if you’re going to create this type of site and you want to make lots of money from it you better think big!

If you are new to building websites then you really shouldn’t be going out and buying expensive website software. A better solution would be to start a blog like this one. They are very easy to create and they allow you to write till your hearts content without any website building knowledge. You can even create a blog for free. All you have to do is sign up at WordPress or Blogger and get your free blog. If you want your own blog on your own web host, then you will need to buy a domain name and set up some hosting. Then you direct the domain name to the host, install your blog and you are off to the races.

Adsense Sites

An Adsense type site is one that has lots of web pages of content. Within this content there are blocks of text ads from sites like Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, etc. The content can come in the form of articles or even posts on a forum or discussion board. As people visit your site, and click on these links, you make a few cents or if you have a high paying topic then you may even make a dollar or two. Take a legal site for instance. Law firms can pay Google upwards of $40 – $50 per click. If someone clicks one of these links from your website, you would get approx. 20% of the $40 – $50.

If you are interested in starting this type of website you don’t need website building software either. The solution is installing a script on your web host. Once installed, you simply log in to your back office and ad your Adsense code and pages are created for you. Now beware … these scripts can scrape other people’s content and put it on your site. Unfortunately, if you use this kind of content, you may run in to duplicate content issues in the search engines plus it’s not your own content. So, your best bet is to either write your own articles, have someone write them for you, or buy private label rights articles (PLR articles) and re-write them a little before uploading them to your site. Then, your content will be unique and fresh.

Here are a couple of really good software script that will create these types of sites in minutes:

Site Builder Elite – lots of features and lots of ways to monetize it

Article Site Pro – easier to set up

Hyper VRE – Free Program or you can upgrade for more features

Here is the best PLR Article Content for Your Website:

PLR Pro Article – $1.00 trial for 14 days

Niche Sites

Niche sites are smaller sites that are very topic specific. An example of niche site would not be about “widgets” in general, instead it would be about “blue widgets”. The idea here is that going after a very popular term would have you competing for search terms that the biggest companies in the world already have locked up.

By tightly focusing on a niche within a main topic, you can go after keywords that are not searched as much. It would be easier to rank for these lower searched keywords because there aren’t as many sites on these topics. Now, if you create lots of content around many lower searched terms and add all this traffic up, it means you will still have a lot of visitors to your website even though you aren’t tailoring your site to main keywords. Within a niche site you can also monetize it with Adsense ads, you can ad banners, affiliate products etc.

If you would like to create a niche website, the solution can be found in the above programs I mentioned. Although these programs will build many hundreds or thousands of pages you can also build smaller sites with them. If you want more of an ability to customize your website then you will want some real website building software such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft’s Expression Web.

Here are links to them on eBay so you can pick yourself up a cheap copy:

Cheap Dreamweaver Website Software – most popular website building software

Cheap Expression Web Software – like the old FrontPage program

Both of these programs take a little learning but they do some with great tutorials and more tutorials are available online.

Normal Websites

For this type of website you are going to need some real website building software that I mentioned above and, of course, some knowledge of how to use it. Now keep in mind that there are millions of websites out there, so although you may not know how to use real website building software, it’s fairly easy to get started. As you gain more knowledge you can then add more advanced features.

Steps You Should Take

As you can see there are a few different options when building websites. If you are totally new to making money online, I would suggest getting yourself a free blog first at one of the two sites I mentioned above. Then, pick a topic and start writing about it. Upload a few images, build some links to it and monetize it with a few ads. This will at least give you a feel for the different elements of a website and a few of the different ways you can make money.

Once you get your feet wet with a free blog, expand your horizon. Maybe you get some real website building software, or a script, and build a bigger and better site with lots of great content on it. Maybe you get your own domain name and hosting (look for my domain name and hosting articles on this site) and install your own blog. It’s really up to you what direction you take. By doing it this way, it will be a lot easier to understand how it all works.

Once you make your first dollar online it really becomes addictive. So go get started and make sure you check back regularly for more useful online money making information.

All the best,

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