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Part 3 – Choosing the Right Domain Names For Your Online Business

[ 0 ] April 18, 2008 |

This is Part 3 to this Article – Go here for Part 2 and here for Part 1

Now we are moving on to part 3 of this article on domains. Hopefully you’ve leaned a little so far and hopefully you’ll learn a little more.

SalesLetter Page for a Product – Which Domain is Best?

So let’s say you are creating a salesletter for a product you are going to sell. What domain name should you use? In this situation, I would definitely go with a dot com name but not just any name. You should:

1. Make it a memorable name.

Let’s say that you come up with a pretty good product to sell. Don’t you want to be able to brand it so people remember it and talk about it? If you have this long name with all sorts of hypens no one will ever remember it and no one will want to type in all those hyphens. Instead, you first want to check if your products name is available to register. You do this before you even start producing the product. You don’t want to get ready to release your product then go to register a domain name for it. If the name is taken you may be in big trouble. So … name first … create the product second.

If you get the name you’re after then great. What do you do if your name is taken? Well, here are 2 very popular online marketing products:

Butterfly Marketing – by Mike Filsaime

AutoPilot Profits – by Ewen Chia

In both of these cases, they added a word at the end of the name that describes what they are. Although they are multiple word names they’re also very memorable. So, don’t get upset if your name is taken. By adding a descriptive word to the end of it, you can still create a memorable product and you may get a little help in the search engine rankings because you have relative keywords in your domain name.

2. Keep it short

The shorter the better (within reason). Again, the 2 examples about are not super short names but they are short enough that you will remember them and it doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to type them in because these are words you already know how to spell. What I am getting at is this. If your domain name is taken you don’t call your product the “” This would be far to long. Try adding one word to the end of the name you want. Or add a word to the beginning if it works better example: Your name is vital.

I would really suggest thinking long and hard about the right name before you get too far long in the product creation process. The right name can get you excited to get the product finished, it can keep you focused and as I said above it can became a name that people will remember you for.

3. Be descriptive

In the example above tells the whole story. It says you are going to make money without having to do much work. Great domain name! The less people have to think the better. This name also gets people excited because it’s got the word “profits” at the end of it. Nothing gets people more excited then the chance to make money. Well, maybe one other thing does, but you get what I mean.

Here are some words you can use:

money, profits, wealth, cash, dollars, easy, simple, quick, fast

4. Be Mysterious

The example above “Butterfly Marketing” really creates this mystery about it. Think of it this way, if you’re an online marketer and you see something called “Butterfly Marketing” wouldn’t you be wondering what that is? Because you are a marketer and you haven’t heard of it before it would make you want to click on it to find out more about. Maybe it’s something you’ve been missing all these years this kind of domain name makes you want to find out more.

5. Web 2.0 or not?

The online world is switching to Web 2.0 and so are the domain names. Because a lot of names are taken and the younger people are all texting each other domain names have gotten abbreviated. Names that delete letters or switch letters around are in style now. Think about “flickr”. There’s no letter “e” but you still know what it says. Now although these names are cool they can be hard to remember. Now, think about your target market. You are trying to advertise to people who have money. People who are retired. People who are sick of their job. These people are not that familiar with switching or deleting letters. So, your best bet would be to come up with a domain name that is the correct spelling.

Anyway, I hope this post has taught you a little about domain names and how to choose the right one if you are creating a salesletter or product page. I’m going to continue on with this topic when I find time because there are a few other thing to talk about like the Google Sandbox, How to Buy and Sell Domain Names etc. so please check back in the future.

All the best …

Go here for Part 2 and here for Part 1

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