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PART 1 – Choosing the Right Domain Names For Your Online Business

[ 0 ] April 18, 2008 |

Okay, this post is about domain names. A topic that I really love. Why? Because I have sold quite a few and made some pretty good money doing so. I’ll let you know how to buy and sell domain names later in this post with an amazing program that I personally could not live without. For now, let’s talk about domain names and how they affect your online business.

If you are reading this, your probably somewhat new to online marketing and making money online. If so, you will quickly realize that having the right domain name(s) is vital to your online business. Why? Because depending on what you are trying to do, the right name can can increase or decrease your profits.

Below are a few online money making topics. I’ll try to take you through what names you should be buying and what to do with ones you are not using.

Niche Website

Okay, let’s say you are starting a niche website. This would be a content type of website (20 – 40+ pages) with Google Adsense ads, ClickBank ads or Amazon ads on it to generate revenue.

Now, most people don’t like paying the $10 for a .com domain. So, people try to cut corners and buy a .info, .biz or .us domain for $2.99. They figure they’ll invest as little as possible because this site could be a failed venture. This thinking could be a big mistake. What you should be trying to do is project your site as being a trusted source for whatever information you have on it. This way, people will click on your link in the search engine listings and visit your site. Once they visit, they may click on an adsense link or buy a product from you.

Now … think for a second … When was the last time you ever visited a .info or .us site? I bet you can’t even think of one your have ever visited. If so, it’s a rarity.

So …

1. A .com name extension will be more trusted because it is the most popular extension. This will get more people to visit your site.

Now, what you have to also do is think not only in the present but in the future as well. Let’s say you start this new niche website and it’s making a little money. You get a bunch of links over the next few months/years. Then, the unexpected happens, you need money in a big way. Because of this, you have to sell off some of your websites. What do you think is going to bring more money if you try to sell your site, a .com or a .info? If you’re really making some good money with a .info site you may get a good price if you try to sell it but the problem is getting people to even look at it to see if they want to buy it. As soon as someone that’s looking to buy a website sees a .info extension they may not even bother to look at it. How can you sell something for top dollar if you can’t get the most people looking and bidding on it?

So …

2. A website with a .com extension will probably sell for more in the future.

And …

3. A .com extension will attract more potential buyers if you have to sell your site. More buyers drives the price up.

So, if you are building a niche website and you want to take your online business seriously forget the .info, .us domain names. If you really cannot afford the $10 a GoDaddy or whatever then go here for your domains:

1&1 – Domain Names for $6.99

Trusted by over 7 million customers!

1&1 is a great domain service with cheaper names. You can save a few bucks over GoDaddy if you buy them from here. Personally, I have at least 120 domain names and the vast majority are with:

GoDaddy Hosting & Servers

When you have a lot of domains, it is a real pain to transfer them to a different registrar. So for now they will stay with GoDaddy even though it’s a little more expensive. To date, I have never had a problem with them and there customer service has been excellent. Also, these companies don’t want to lose your business. So, if you have a bunch of names to renew just call them and they will give you a deal. So really, they aren’t that much more expensive after all.

Probably, the best domain registrar is:


They are more expensive (more than $10 per domain) but if you are serious about buying and selling domains these guys will really look after you. They actually have a domain tasting program that allows you to try your domains for a few days before you actually have to buy them. This is great for a program I will talk about later.

So hopefully, you quit buying those .info and .us names for your niche content sites. They next section tells you how you can use cheap domain names.

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