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3 Ways In Which You Can Create Your Very Own Internet Marketing Course

[ 0 ] January 3, 2009 |

If you want to create the big pay day like you hear so many other marketers talking about online then it will always come down to one thing: having your own Online Marketing Course. It’s much easier to consistently make money online when you have your own product to sell. Within this article you will find three ways to create you own Internet marketing course if you chose this is right for you.

Product Creation Method #1 – Obtaining Private Label Rights
One of hottest trends in online marketing these days are Private Label Rights, more commonly referred to as PLR. In short, PLR means taking an existing product or item for which you have purchased the PLR rights, make it your own product and sell it. PLR rights basically mean “The Rights to Label it as your Own”. The only problem is that almost anyone can access these, either free or usually at a low fee, and so many of them become less valuable. Although, assuming you can obtain the private label rights to a lesser known product, this might just be an excellent cash cow. Just hire someone to rebrand it for you, repackage it and promote it for instant cash.

Product Creation Method #2 – Develop Some Videos
If you haven’t noticed by now, videos are becoming the wave on the Internet. The same goes for courses that are marketed online. With videos, customers can be given step by step instructions that they can follow along with. Videos that feature an product for which you are an affiliate is another great way to effectively use video. You could for example explain some advanced features of the product and show people how to use them step-by-step. You may offer your created videos as a free reward for a purchase made through your affiliate link (which you’ll get a commission for).

The power of videos provides far more weight in the sales process than do regular written reports.

Product Creation Method #3 – Do Interviews and Record the Audio
Additionally, especially when compared to PLR, this method is not widely used so you it will be easier for you to stand out of the crowd. For free publicity there are a lot of marketers who will give you an half-hour or even an hour of their time. Just approach them and ask for an interview. Tell them you will be including an audio recording of it in an upcoming product you plan to promote heavily. It also doesn’t hurt to briefly tell them about some of your marketing plans so they know you’re serious and won’t waste their time. They are very likely to agree to the interview if you inform them that you will be plugging their product or service into the course. Record, rinse and repeat and do interviews with other marketers. Be sure to have some valuable and/or exclusive information and you’ll have your very own Internet Marketing Course in no-time.

While there are other methods of product creation such as writing an e-book, creating graphics, or creating a template of some sort, these are just a few of the common ways that anyone can use to begin to profit over the Internet. You can read more about these on Online Marketing for Beginners. When you are finished making your own Internet marketing course, ensure that you look for affiliates who will promote it for you. Deposit your checks, and remember to send me some of the proceeds ;)

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