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Blogging for Your Business

[ 0 ] December 4, 2010 |

Blogging has become extremely popular these days and is now easier to set up than ever before, that’s why today is a great time to start blogging for your business.

If you spend any amount of time on the Internet, you’ve probably visited several blogs and you just didn’t realize it.  Maybe you go to some of the celebrity gossip blogs or some of the sports or news blogs.  You can tell it’s a blog because new information is added on a regular basis and there’s usually a section on each post for comments.

I’m sure you’ve seen those flashier websites, too, that say, “Buy This Now” and they have a pretty picture, along with some information, and an order form for you to click on.  So why am I recommending that you start a blog and start blogging for your business instead of one of those flashy websites?

Well, for one thing, creating a blog is a lot easier than creating a website.  So many people are jumping into the blogging arena and the software manufacturers have come up with tons of ideas and products (a LOT of them FREE!) to make it easier for anyone who wants to join in the fun.  Setting up a basic blog and blogging for your business can be done in as little as a couple of hours, whereas those flashy websites can take a few days – AND a lot of cash if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But another reason that blogging about your business has become so popular is because of the connection they allow you to make with your readers.  It’s almost like speaking with each individual face to face.  Blogs are more personal and you can use them to establish a relationship.  And when you think about it, who is it that you go to when you want to buy something?  It’s usually someone you have a relationship with.  Even if it’s just the corner grocery store, you have a relationship with them because you go in there every day or every week, you know some of the cashiers, you know where everything is.  Sure, you might be able to get a can of peas cheaper somewhere else, but you’re comfortable here, so you stick around.

You use a blogging for your business to develop that same type of relationship with your readers.  Since it’s so easy to add information whenever you want to a blog, you can post information about special sales you’re having or new products.  You can offer them tips on how to use or care for something.   And a blog is working for you 24 hours a day, whether you’re online or not.  It’s always there to greet your customer and maintain that relationship – and you don’t even have to pay it!

Blogging for your business will do nothing but increase traffic, no matter whether you’re in bricks and mortar business or online business.

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