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Become A Clickbank Vendor

[ 0 ] December 3, 2010 |

Now I know, you’re probably cringing right now and thinking of all the work that goes into creating a product.  But, if you downloaded that Clickbank for Newbies information you saw that it was a very small guide, only a few pages and very little text.  Why you could either type something like that up yourself or hire someone to do it for less $20.

Now, for a guide that size you’re not going to be able to ask a lot of money, and some of the sales will be paid out in affiliate commissions.  But it’s not the guide you’re concerned about.  It’s the links that you put IN the guide that count!

The whole point of becoming a Clickbank Vendor is that now you have a network of affiliate marketers also promoting your product.  Sure, you could put that little guide on your own site and sell it for $7 and keep all of the money.  But you could list it at Clickbank and let hundreds of affiliates sell it for you for $17, give them 50 or seventy five percent of that in commissions and still make the same amount of money.  You’ll be making less of each sale but you’ll have a lot more people selling your product for you.

PLUS, if you put your OWN affiliate links in that guide look how many MORE sales you’ll make!

So let’s say you have that famous Dog Food site that everyone always uses as an example.  You could write up a simple little eBook containing three or four Homemade Dog Food Recipes and a tip or two and list it on Clickbank.  Inside your recipe book you could include your own affiliate link to one of the Dog Training products or Dog Food products listed on Clickbank – or any other affiliate network for that matter.

Now every time one of those Clickbank affiliates sells your Dog Food Recipes book, each of those buyers is also going to see YOUR affiliate link to your own items that you’re promoting.

Again, you could just give that little guide away for free, right on your own site. Trust me, a lot of people will take it too and that’s a good way to start building a list. If you list it for just a few bucks on Clickbank you’ll get much more exposure and get your own affiliate links out there to a much wider audience.

Promote Your Service With A Clickbank Product

The product that you promote with your guide doesn’t always have to be another affiliate product, either.  If you’re a service provider – a freelance writer or a website designer or a graphic artist – you can promote your own service.

For example, I have a friend who’s a freelance writer and she was looking for some new clients.  So she created an eBook to sell on Clickbank that told people how to SEO their articles so they would rank faster for better keywords.

Now you might think that that was a pretty dumb idea.  She’s giving away her secret!  Now anyone could write their own articles.  Why would they want to pay her to do it for them?  And you’d be right – almost.  She did give away her secret, that’s what made the book valuable.  But very few people like to write.  Most would rather hire someone else to do it.

Since her book told them how to SEO an article, they knew that SHE knew how to do it.  Plus, her book was written in a very entertaining and engaging style – NOT your standard boring article. People liked that she understood SEO, they liked her writing style, and since she had included her contact information in the book, they contacted HER to write their articles.

Now I’m making it sound like it’s the simplest thing in the world to create a product, become a Clickbank Vendor, and become instantly rich.  But it’s not quite as easy as it sounds which is why a lot of marketers aren’t getting as much out of Clickbank as they could.  So let me give you some tips on becoming a Clickbank Vendor.

Your Product – It goes without saying that you have to have a quality product.  You’re asking people to part with their hard earned cash here so your product has to provide them with valuable information.

Writing an eBook isn’t the same as writing a regular book or report.  People like lots of graphics and images and white space.  Use colors and different sized fonts.  Use plenty of bullet points or bold text to highlight main points.

The more professional your eBook looks the greater it’s perceived value.  If you aren’t skilled at formatting there are plenty of freelancers out there who’d be happy to format your book for you and they’ll add in images if you want.   The same goes for your eBook cover.  The more professional it looks the better so if you aren’t skilled at graphics you may want to hire someone else to do it. Check sites like and for freelance service providers and both of these services can be had for a very small price.

Your Sales Page – When you list your product on Clickbank you have to create the sales page, the Thank You page and install the payment button.  (Clickbank gives you and easy to follow guide for setting everything up.)

Your sales page is the page that all those affiliates will be sending the buyers to. THEY don’t have sales pages, they just link to yours. So it’s important that your sales page not only be professional looking, it has to convert, too.  That means it has to sell the product.

Affiliates are going to do everything they can to send visitors to your sales page and they count on you then to take over and convert that visitor into a buyer.  Not everyone can write a sales page that converts. There’s a whole psychology behind it.

The important thing is to test your sales page before you even go looking for affiliates.  Make sure you put some sort of tracking script on it and then see how well it converts.  You want it to be converting at least 1%, preferably 3%, before you start looking for affiliates.  That means for every 100 people who visit that sales page you need to be getting at least 1 to 3 sales.

If you’re not getting that conversion rate then either tweak your page or consider hiring a professional copywriter to write it for you.

Keep in mind, one of the things that affiliates look for when they’re deciding on a product to promote is a sales page that converts.  Some of them are going to be using pay-per-click advertising to send traffic to your sales page and they won’t do it for long if they’re not getting any sales out of it.

Remember, the buyer can’t see inside your book and they can’t ask you questions about it.  That sales page is the only chance you have of getting that potential customer to buy your eBook, no matter how great it is.

The Price – OK.  This is where most marketers fall flat on their face.  First of all, you’ve created a digital product.  You will never run out.  You will not have to create more.  It’s in unlimited supply.  You only have to create it once, upload it, and everyone in the world can download it and you would still never run out.

Your time doesn’t mean anything to potential buyers.  Your training means nothing.  Your skills mean nothing.  They don’t care if you went to Harvard to learn how to write an eBook they are NOT going to pay for your education.  They don’t care if you had to pay a freelance writer $1000 to write your eBook they are NOT going to reimburse you for your expenses.

Now – taking into consideration that you will never run out of product and you time and expenses mean nothing to the buyer, if you want them to buy that eBook, it’s going to have to be a quality product at a reasonable price.

You probably do want to recover that $1000 that you paid to have someone else write that book for you (Although, you could have found someone else for a lot less money at Elance or Guru!) but you simply cannot expect to recover it in one sale.  No matter how good your product is.

You’re selling a digital download and that alone means your buyer is not going to be willing to pay a lot of money for it.  If you want to really get a lot out of your eBook then consider publishing it on Amazon as a tangible product.

It’s important to keep your price reasonable for two reasons:

The buyer – As I’ve already said, you have to consider what the buyer is going to be willing to pay for it.  Keep in mind, the higher price you put on the product, the more value you need to provide and the greater the possibility the buyer won’t be happy with it and ask for a refund.

The affiliates – The whole point of becoming a Clickbank Vendor is so you can take advantage of the affiliate marketing sales force to sell even more copies of your eBook than you could on just your site.  However, affiliates are not going to waste their time trying to sell a product that won’t sell because the price is too high.

Smart affiliates, the affiliates you want promoting YOUR product, look at things like the selling price, the content of the book, your sales page, the competition – both your competitors and theirs, etc. They’ll take one look at your $1000 eBook and go right on to the next vendor because they know they won’t have a chance of selling it at that price.

Now keep in mind, an affiliate isn’t necessarily looking for the highest priced product.  He’s looking for a quality product, at a reasonable price, with a sales page that converts.   It’s really a combination of all three.   Even if he’s only going to make a couple of dollars per sale, as long as he thinks he can sell your product he’ll give it his best shot.

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