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[ 0 ] November 26, 2010 |

Article Marketing is a great tool to add to your into your internet marketing tool box.  How many of you are getting the full potential out of your articles?  Are you just submitting rewritten PLR articles or are you writing original, informative, relevant articles that will attract attention and get you more traffic?

Too many people look at Article Marketing as just another way to build backlinks.  But there are backlinks…and then there are backlinks with authority.  If all you want is a high number of backlinks coming into your site then go ahead and keep submitting that worn out PLR.

We all know Content Is King and in order to engage your readers you have to give them a quality product.  Something that they’ve never seen before that will teach them something new and possibly even entertain them.  And I hate to tell you this but that PLR you’ve been re-writing every day has been around the block more than once.

But let’s take a look at it your way first.  You have tons of dusty PLR on your hard drive and you know that if your article marketing includes submit articles you’re going to build your backlinks.  So you spend an hour digging through your drive to find a PLR article that is relevant to your site that looks like it can be re-written easily.

Then you spend another half hour re-writing that PLR article, or maybe even longer if it was written poorly to begin with, because you have to replace a few keywords and add in some content since it wasn’t long enough to start with.

Then, to save some time, you get one of those cheesy article submission programs that will automatically submit your article to a couple of hundred sites.  But first you have to JOIN all of those sites and after that you’re still going to have to sit there and watch so you can submit to all of them who require captcha log in information that’s not an effective use of your article marketing time.

After that, you can Google your keywords everyday to see if any of those sites actually published your reworked, worn out PLR article.  Maybe a few of them were easy enough that they did publish your article.  But what sites are they?  Do they have any page rank at all?  Are they even indexed?  Or are they just bloggers who have an auto-blogger installed on their site or someone who has set up an article site to earn a few Adsense dollars?

Now, you’ve spent a good 3 hours at least submitting one article and the backlinks that you’ve established are few and far between.  They also have no authority in the eyes of Google.  All of those links you just spent your precious time building are pretty much worthless.  And soon they will be totally worthless because Google is catching on to Article Marketing and starting to pay attention to where those backlinks actually come from BEFORE they increase your ranking.

Now the reason you’re using that cheesy auto-submission program is because YOU know your article is not good enough to be accepted at the FEW sites that have authority, like Ezine and GoArticles.  And the reason your articles aren’t good enough is because you’re just re-writing that old, dusty PLR.

If you were to take the same amount of time and write an original, compelling article and submit it manually to 3 or 4 quality article directories you would only have 6 or 8 backlinks but every one of them would be valuable and have authority in the eyes of Google.

The reason those cheesy auto-submitters don’t send your articles to sites like EZA and GoArticles is because they can’t.  You have to manually submit to most of those sites and they do that so that they can control the content.  They want to protect their page position just like you do.

When people come to Google to search for an article, one of the keywords they use is ‘Article Directory’.  If you do a search on that term, the results that you get back will be the highest ranked article directory sites.  Since those are the sites that people get back in their search results, those are the sites that you should be submitting your articles too.  You can submit them anywhere else you like and get as many backlinks as you want but the backlinks that really count will be coming from these few article directories.

So to get your articles published where it really counts you’re going to need to write quality articles and there are no short cuts.  You can’t use PLR, you can use snippets from the web, and you have to write a real article.  It doesn’t take any longer to do it the RIGHT way than it does to do it the WRONG way.

Your article only needs to be 400 – 500 words long.  That’s around one page using 14 point Times New Roman and that’s less than most people say over the dinner table.  Go ahead.  Copy and paste 500 words onto a page and see how long it is.   Then read it out loud to see how little it really is.  Why, you’ve probably had longer conversations than that with your dog!

The key to writing a good article is to make it sound conversational.  In other words, write like you talk.  Imagine you’re sitting in a coffee shop with one of your friends and you’re discussing whatever your niche is and then just jot down the conversation.  Keep the key words and thoughts and fill it in to make is sound smooth and conversational and you’ll have an article worth submitting to one of those key sites.

Too many people think that when they sit down to write an article they have to sit up straight, put on a ruffled collar and do an imitation of Shakespeare.  But if you think about it, very few people actually like to read Shakespeare.  When they want information they want it to be presented to them in a language and tone that both informs and engages them.

Here’s A Trick I Use….

I’m just like you.  I have days where I just can’t stand the thought of writing another article.  So I make it fun and dare the directories to publish it a`nd nine times out of ten they do!

A while ago I was upset and didn’t feel like writing but I knew I had to anyway.  I had just put up a new site and I was right in the middle of the page and only had to work a little bit harder to get to that number one spot but I just couldn’t think of an idea.

Then it occurred to me – Why not write about the reason that I’m upset?  That way I can get it off my chest and get my article written at the same time!

So I proceeded to write a scathing article about what you should NOT do if you want to hire a quality freelancer do to some outsourcing work for you.  I had just had one of those clients who treated me like a servant because she thought that since I was providing a service on the Internet then I must be lower class than her since SHE actually had websites to take care of.  Little did SHE know!

That article turned out to be over 1200 words long and in my resource box I told people that they were welcome to visit my website, especially if they were NOT one of ‘those people’ I had mentioned in my article.

It was published less than 24 hours later by Ezine Articles!

Now as soon as I had hit the submit button I just knew they’d never publish it because it was so arrogantly written and so dramatic and ….well, scathing is all I can think of.  But they did publish it, and faster than they’ve ever published any of my other articles.

I firmly believe that article was published so quickly because it attracted attention at Ezine.  In passing it around everyone realized it was a true article, not PLR, and that it was written from the heart and had a relevant message.  Guess how long it took me to write it?  Thirty minutes.

So the next time you need to write an article and you’re afraid to get started, just start with whatever comes to mind first.  You don’t have to actually publish it, but you might be surprised.  It might be the best work you’ve ever done!

You DO however need to use keywords if you want anyone to actually read your article.  I know you really don’t care if anyone reads it.  You just want them to click on the link and visit your site but that takes us back to the question of content.  If your article is terrible why would someone think your blog will be any different?  If they didn’t enjoy your article they’re not even going to think about clicking through to your website.

I digress, back to keywords.  To make the best use of your keywords you should include them in your title, the very first sentence in the first paragraph, the end of the first paragraph, the last sentence of the article and once or twice in between depending on the length.  The trick is working them in so they sound like part of the conversation.  Yes, the search engines will see them regardless of what your article actually sounds like, but you want PEOPLE to read them so they will come to your site and buy your stuff!

One last thought about articles….

After writing your 40th or 50th article about housebreaking puppies you’re going to be pretty tired of hearing about puppies.  It’s ok to write a little off topic once in a while.  In fact, your readers might appreciate the break too.  After all, if you’re not really into your topic you can sometimes sound like a robot and nobody wants to read that.

So try shaking it up a little bit.  You can still use your keywords but if you’ve already been submitting articles on a regular basis, it won’t hurt if you leave them out once or twice.  You’ll already have a following build up and they’ll find that article and maybe even reprint it for a change.

Whether you use your keywords or not try entertaining them instead with an article instead of teaching your readers something.  Tell them an amusing story about your puppy and if you don’t have a puppy make one up.  Or tell them a cat story.  The point is just to break things up with your article marketing so you stop sounding like a robot before you start losing all your readers.

Once you stop worrying about facts and data and keywords and SEO and just start having a little fun with your article marketing you might find you actually enjoy writing them.

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