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Amazon Widgets And Banners

[ 0 ] November 26, 2010 |

For those of you who aren’t Amazon affiliates I thought I’d give you information on some Amazon widgets and banners that you can use on your sites.

Product Links – As I showed you earlier you can easily create an affiliate link to any one specific product, a whole page of products or even an entire category of products. Once you’re logged into Amazon under your affiliate account you’ll see a bar across the top of every page and there’s a link in that bar that says “Link To This Page”. All you have to do is click that link and a pop up box appears with the HTML code and your affiliate link is already embedded in it.

If you’re linking to an entire page or category you can even enter the anchor text of your choice you want to use.  When linking to a specific item you have the option of creating an anchor text link – which you can also customize – an image link or a text/image link. And then of course all you need to do is copy and paste the code into your post or page.

Send A Tweet – In that same toolbar there is also a link so you can send a Tweet from any Amazon page.

To access Amazons Widgets and Banners go to that same bar and click on Your Earnings Summary.

Banners – Amazon has banners in every size and shape, for every category you can imagine, for every holiday, for everything!  So if you don’t want to use a link to a specific item you can use one of their banners.  These are especially nice to use in your sidebar if you’re already promoting some other type of product and you just want another bit of monetization for you blog.  And the fact that they have so many, and all the different holidays are represented, means that you can change them out periodically for seasonal promotions or just to attract new attention.

Carousel Widget – I love the Carousel Widget!  You can do so many things with it!  Each widget that you create can feature 6 to 10 items and they run either horizontally or vertically.  You can also adjust the overall size so you can easily fit these into your sidebars or right into your post.  I’ve seen quite a few blogs where they have this carousel displayed either at the top or bottom of every post.

But what if you had a “Top Ten…Blog” or a “Best Of…Blog” or even a review blog.  You could create a different Widget for each post!  One day your post could be “Top Ten Rock CDs form 2009 and your Widget could feature all 10 CDs and then the next day your post could be Top Ten Fragrances for Fall and you could feature 10 different perfumes.  (I shouldn’t have included this tip!  If you plan to set one of these up you better hurry because as soon as I get done writing this guide I’m going to go get a Domain Name!)

In fact, when you click on the link for the Carousel Widget you’ll see that you get to select a category if you prefer.  You can either chose to add you own items or you can go with these categories – and one of the categories is Bestsellers!  Once you click on the Best Sellers category then you can use the drop down menu to narrow your selection even further and your Widget will already be populated with 10 items from that category.  Now how easy is that?  (I’m tellin’ ya – I am heading to GoDaddy as soon as I finish this eBook!)

Now, here’s what’s really cool about this Widget (Even cooler than the Top Ten Idea!).  Most Marketers have more than one blog which means if you’re a Niche Blogger you may have dozens – or even hundreds. And a lot of Niche bloggers have more than one site in the same niche. For example I know one blogger who has 10 different niche blogs for different things relating to weddings – wedding invitations, wedding flowers, wedding dresses, planning your honeymoon, etc.

Here’s what I would do – I would first publish all 10 of those Wedding blogs to Kindle. Then, I would include all of them in one Carousel Widget and display it either in my sidebar or at the top of each post.  When you create a Carousel Widget you can give it a Title so I’d call this one “Check Out These Other Wedding Blogs”. Your visitors don’t have to know that all 10 of them belong to you. And even if they don’t sign up for a Kindle Subscription you’re still sending them to your own blogs – not to a competitor.  Plus you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with Google for linking back and forth between your own sites.

Listmania Widget – This is another Widget that you can use to recommend products but it’s the Standard Widget design.  So if you don’t like the looks of that Carousel Widget, or it’s not converting for you, try putting everything into a Listmania Widget.  Again, you could also use this to showcase all of your own blogs!

Slideshow Widget – Another basic Widget that lets you feature your choice of items only this is a Slideshow presentation.

Aren’t these Amazon widgets and banners cool?

Search Box Widget – Don’t want to feature any specific items?  Put an Amazon search box in your sidebar and let your readers look for whatever it is they want.  As long as they go through your search box, you still earn the commissions no matter what they buy. I’ve used this on several personal type blogs where I didn’t really care how they were monetized.  I’ll mention in my blog post that I picked something up at Amazon and you’d be surprised how many people go to that search box then and go buy the same thing.   There are still people out there who don’t like to click on links but they have no qualms about using a search box because they use those all the time.

And MY Favorite Widget….

The Wishlist Widget – I have a friend with who writes a personal blog.  She’s a bartender and she just blogs about her customers and bar life and her personal life.  And she’s not really that interested in monetizing it (After all – she got a book deal because of it! – but that’s a whole other story…) so she just put her Amazon Wishlist up for the heck of it to see what would happen.  She gets at least one package a week from her readers.  And we’re not talking about little $5 items here – she’s had people send her one of those k-cup coffeemakers, books, clothing, CDs, even a new printer for her computer!

So while she’s not actually making any money from the block she sure is cleaning up in the gift department!

If you’ve got a blog and just have no idea how to monetize it, think about posting your Amazon Wishlist in the sidebar.  It might take a little while for people to notice it but it keeps it under their noses by writing a special blog post to thank the sender for the gift. That keeps attention on her Wishlist.

Also, there’s no need to worry about people finding out your address or contact information. When someone wants to buy something for you from your Wishlist they just click on your list and go to Amazon and pay for it but they don’t see your mailing address at all.  So no worries!  Get that Wishlist out there and see what happens.

So that’s everything I can tell you about Amazons widgets and banners, I told you you’d thing they were cool.

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