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Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

[ 0 ] April 11, 2008 |

If you are looking for a great way to start your online money making career you should look towards affiliate marketing. Why? Before we get to that, let’s just talk about what it is? Being an affiliate marketer means you are selling someone else’s product. In the process, you receive a commission for doing so.

What kind of affiliate products can you sell?

Well, you can sell pretty much anything these days. There are literally thousands of products that have affiliate programs. Once you sign up, you can sell ’til your hearts content. I’ll show you how to do this in a minute.

Why would companies offer affiliate programs?

Think of it this way. If a company has a product they want to sell they could hire salespeople, or have their existing salespeople, cover the country and sell it to every store or outlet they could. If this was the route they decided to take they would have to pay their salespeople a salary and/or commission or both, travel expenses, marketing materials, training etc. as well as their advertising costs to create awareness of their product(s) to consumers. Then, they would have to sell their product at retail to the stores that were going to sell it. All of these expenses can add up to a hefty percentage of the purchase price leaving the company with a tiny profit.

Because the company is giving up a large percentage anyway, it makes sense to have regular people that are web savvy (or have popular websites) to sell their products for them. In doing so, they can get hundreds, if not, thousands of people selling their products for them almost instantly. This means they create a huge sales force very quickly. These people not only create awareness across the country almost instantly but they can cover the whole world. So they get huge exposure very quickly. The company doesn’t have to pay advertising costs because the affilates do all the marketing for them. The company can sell their products for retail instead of wholesale thus allowing them to increase profits. The company also saves on hiring, training, managers, expenses, office space etc.

So that’s why companies offer affiliate programs. It’s a good thing the numbers added up for these companies because it presents a great opportunity for people like you and me.

Now, affiliate programs are not the only way to make money online but they sure are one of the easiest ways. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate programs.


1. You work as much as you want.

2. You can make as much or more from the sale of a product than the company whose product you are selling.

3. Minimal effort to enroll in these programs.

4. No cold calling or selling or travelling.

5. Many different ways to promote these products.

6. Don’t have to ship anything.

7. Don’t have to deal with customer complaints or returns.

8. Thousands of products to choose from.


1. Can be costly if you decide pay for advertising and have a minimal return on your investment.

2. Can violate the companies Terms of Services knowingly or unknowingly and get thrown out of a good program.

3. You are not selling your own products (an ego thing).

4. Low commissions on some items.

There are many people making a great living purely through affiliate marketing. In writing this, it just re-enforced how great affiliate programs are and the fact that you really can’t go wrong getting involved in some of these programs.

How to Get Started

Okay, now you know a little about affiliate programs how to do you get started. I’m only going to mention a couple of the programs here. There are hundreds you can join but in the online marketing circles, these are the 3 that rise to the top. If you want to find other programs, just do a search for “affiliate programs” and you will see them all.


Well … the first thing you should do is go to ClickBank. This is the affiliate program of choice for people online marketers. Why? Because ClickBank is a marketplace where people go to sell their digital products like software and ebooks. Because the authors or these products only have to create the product once and have no other real costs, they can afford to give out huge commissions to affiliates who want to sell their products. In most cases, you can make as much, if not more, than the person who created the product. Typically, if you are selling tangible products through other affiliate programs you may only make a small percentage so ClickBank really is one of the best programs if not the best program out there.

Commission Junction

CJ is another favorite amongst online marketers. They have a huge list of well-known companies whose affiliate programs you can join. The difference between CJ and ClickBank is that with CJ you can actually advertise brand name products from companies that everyone is familiar with. Although the commissions are lower on these products you have a larger audience of buyers that are buying these products anyway. So you don’t have to try to hard to make a sale. Just throw a few ads on your website and you are off to the races.


Here’s another great program. It’s just like CJ so you better join this one as well. Just click the link below to go to their site.

LinkShare  Referral  Prg

Anyway, go check out CJ, LinkShare and ClickBank. Make sure you bookmark those sites (as well as this blog) because I guarantee you will be using them very frequently.

How to Sell

There are many ways you can sell these products. You can:

1. Place ads or banners on your website or blog.

2. You can advertise through Pay Per click programs on Google’s Adsense or others.

3. You can do an email marketing campaign to a list of people.

4. You can advertise on sites like Craigslist (WARNING – DO NOT attempt this unless you know what you are doing otherwise you will get banned – I’ll tell you how another time).

5. You can post on popular forums through affiliate links in your signature line.

6. Send out a creative press release.

7. Article Marketing with Affiliate in your author’s bio.

8. Place online classified ads.

So there are a few ways you can advertise affiliate program. In the coming days, I’ll go more in-depth about each of these ways to advertise affiliate programs so make sure you check back and try out a few of my suggestions. In the meantime, go check out the 2 sites I mentioned above and get a feel for how to use the sites and all of the products you could be selling.

Below is a banner link for the best article marketing program out there.  Don’t believe me?  Just check it out.  Once you do, you will be blown away.

Article Marketing

All the best …

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