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Affiliate Marketing System for Blogs

[ 0 ] May 30, 2008 |

Okay … I’ve found the ultimate affiliate marketing system. Now, I know what your thinking, it’s going to be some eBook that some Guru wrote. Nope! It’s nothing like that at all. This system is well … great!

You know how blogging is huge right now? You know how search engines love blogs? Why not capitalize on it? Why not market your affiliate programs through blogs? I know … I know … people are already doing this. They are getting free Blogger or WordPress blogs and slapping an affiliate product on them in the hopes that they make some money. This is totally tacky. They use some crappy template and only have one or two pages. How is this site ever going to last any longer than a couple of days. My father always said “if you’re going to do something do it right or don’t do it all.”

So how do you do it if you don’t use free blogs?

Well, you can start your own blog that you host. Then, you add some real content and gain a following. Once you gain your readers trust they will buy whatever you promote. Now this is a better way to go about affiliate marketing but there is something even better … the ultimate affiliate marketing system!

That’s not the name of it, that’s what I am calling it because it really is. I know your dying to know what it is so here goes … It’s called Super Affiliate Blogger.

Affiliate Marketing System

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So Why Is This An Amazing Affiliate Marketing System?

There are many features which I will get into in a second but the main thing is that it combines all types of affiliate marketing into one package. What do I mean? Well, if you haven’t already found out by now there are a few different ways to go about affiliate marketing. You can:

1. Create a website with products on them

2. Create a blog with products on them

3. Create a salesletter with products on them

4. Create a squeeze page with an opt in box or products

5. Article Marketing

6. Post Ads

7. Forum Marketing

8. Review Sites

Now, all of these different avenues have one thing in common. They all have affiliate links in them or they lead you to a page with affiliate links in them. The problem is, all of these different avenues have you creating multiple sites etc. In doing so, you are having to format your pages differently. A squeeze page is different from a salesletter page, which is different from a blog etc. Then you’re going to have to put your link tracking software on all of those sites. That’s a true pain in the butt. You are going to have to put your stat tracking software on all of these too so you can see where your visitors are coming from and so on. This is pain in the butt too. What if you could put all this under one roof? If you could, it would save you so much time. Well, now you can with Super Affiliate Blogger .

This affiliate marketing system allows you to create a blog like this one. Okay, this is great for adding content and gaining the trust from your readers who will buy your products from you. Then, let’s say you wan to do a squeeze page. No problem with Super Affiliate Pro. You create a new page and in doing so you choose a new template.


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